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Tag: kittens for sale

Shaba-Kora Maine Coon Cats

| September 22, 2014



We are the Foundation breeders of Maine Coon cats in South Africa since 1987.

Occasionally we have beautiful babies for sale.

Our Maine Coons are bred with Love, Pride, Passion and Care for excellent health, superb type and size with personality plus.

Our kittens are vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed and registered with CASA-WCF.

Kittens available in all colours to special homes.








Please e mail us for more information and pictures.

All enquires are welcome and will be responded to.

Our up to date website can be found here :-

Follow us on Facebook :-

Contact person :- Vikki 044 877 0480

Cell :- 079 555 1751

Seboga Cattery

| September 17, 2014

Registered with CASA and TICA.Kittens raised with lots of love.

Our imported male comes from pKD DNA negative lines. All babies will be spayed/neutered before leaving our home. Kittens are available to approved homes.

Colours available: Brown Spotted, Brown Marble, Seal Spotted Snow and Seal Marble Snow.

Location: Vereeniging, Gauteng
Contact: Martie
Phone: 0722474060

Bell-Aimee Cattery

| August 28, 2014



Siamese & Orientals

We are a small cattery situated in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. We are registered with SACC, CFSA and CASA (WCF).

Our aim is to breed healthy and most importantly socialized kittens with lovely temperaments.

Our breeding cats are selected most importantly their temperaments and if they do well at shows it’s a bonus.

Our cats live mainly indoors but have access to a Catio and large grass run.

Our kittens come: dewormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, Neutered/Spayed and come with a Health Certificate signed off by our Vet.

Our Cattery is FIV/FeLV Negative.


Contact Person: Aimee

Cell: 072 426 7810


Maine Emblem Maine Coons

| August 21, 2014


We breed kittens from Supreme and Grand Champion bloodlines in the colors of brown classic tabby and, brown classic tabby with white patterns.
Kittens are occasionally available during the year.

Kittens are all registered at CFSA inoculated dewormed with a vet health certificate.

002-1   016

014   004-1

036   27-10-2008-059

18-01-2009-056   20_1-02-08-077

Contact: Joos Esterhuizen

Contact No: 0823337231 or 0128001296

Pretoria, Gauteng

Website Address:

Li and Lo Cats

| August 15, 2014


Siamese and Oriental kittens 


Keen breeder of Pedigree Siamese and Oriental Cats.

CFSA Approved Member and Cat Show Exhibitor.


image001 image002


To book your kitten please contact Erika Bekker.

Benoni , Johannesburg

Tel: 011 9691027 or 082 888 1527

Valkyrie Cattery

| July 16, 2014


A small cattery, exclusively breeding Maine Coon cats.

Large, quality Maine Coon kittens occasionally available from international lines.

Our cats are part of our family and thus kittens are raised in our home, with loads of love and are sold with a contract.

Parents are tested for the following diseases: HD, HCM, FeLV & FIV (& some for PKD).

Kittens are SACC registered, inoculated, dewormed, micro-chipped, vet-checked and spayed / neutered.

Our babies are sold to approved homes only.





Contact Person: Bernice Rossouw (after hours)

Address: Glentana (between Mosselbay & George), Western Cape

Country: South Africa

Cell: 082 810 7599




Mela Cattery

| July 8, 2014

From time to time I have beautiful socialised, healthy Burmese kittens available to approved homes.

I am a registered breeder with SACC.

Most of my lines originate from Australia, Britain & Europe. This maintains genetic diversity in my kittens which contributes to their overall health.

I request as much information as possible from prospective owners about their family, pets and home to ensure my kittens are loved and cared for throughout their lives.

I very rarely have more than 1 litter at a time which ensures that the kittens get all the love and attention they require. As a result there may be times when a new owner will need to wait until a kitten is available.

Transport can be arranged to most destinations within South Africa





Jane Goble

Hilton, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

+27 82 784 3126

Samoa Gem’s

| June 14, 2014

Breeders of American Curl, Cornish Rex and Siamese kittens. Quality American Curl kittens from grand international champion stud. These kittens are extremely friendly clowns!

Contact: Eurica

Moorreesburg, South Africa

+27 22 4331 550

Registered vs Backyard Breeders

| May 23, 2014

Registered breeders vs backyard breeders can be a very emotive subject for cat lovers.  What are the differences between the two and is anyone whose cat has had a litter of kittens a backyard breeder?

Let’s start by looking at definitions of these terms:

The term “registered breeder” denotes that a person is a member of one of the numerous cat registering bodies with Australia.  These are located in all states of Australia and have similar aim and objectives, cat welfare being the most important.  Being a member of a club does not automatically make you a registered breeder.  Registered breeders have a cattery prefix or suffix to identify themselves and registered their cats using these names.  They only breed purebred cats according to the recognised standards set out by their registering club. All their breeding cats are registered and have registration papers.  Registered breeders should adhere to the rules and regulations of their clubs concerning the keeping and selling of their cats.

The term “backyard breeder” denotes a person who breeds cats and is not a member of a cat registering body and does not have a cattery prefix.  They may have purebred or domestic cats.  If they have purebred cats, their cats may have originally come from a registered breeder who sold the kittens as pet only without papers, expecting the new owners to have the kittens desexed.  They might have been given a kitten by a friend and decided they want to have kittens of their own. Or, in some cases, they see cat breeding as a way to make money, because they see lots of kittens in pet shops selling for high prices.  To these people, cats are a commodity, not an animal.

What are some of the differences between these two types of cat breeders?

Registered Breeder

Backyard Breeder

Belongs to a cat club

Does not belong to a cat club

Breeds only registered purebred cats of the same breed

Breeds any type of cat

Breeds to improve their breed

Breeds for money or “love” of cats

Knows about the genetic problems of their breed and works to eliminate them from the breed

Has little or no knowledge of any genetic problems and puts any two cats together

Is knowledgeable about possible health problems and seeks veterinary advice as soon as required

Has little or no knowledge of heath problems and does not take a sick cat to a vet either out of ignorance or to save money

Screens potential new owners and tries to match the kitten/cat with the best home.

Sells to anyone who pays the asking price

Gives out health, vaccination and historical information on the kitten/cat at the time of sale. Is always available to the new owners for information, advice, etc.

Sells the kittens/cats with no information or assistance to the new owners.

Takes back or assists in rehoming a kitten/cat that has been previously sold if the need arises

Does not want to know about the kitten/cat after it has gone to its’ new home

Whether someone sells their kittens undesexed cannot be used to differentiate between a registered breeder and backyard breeder, nor whether someone sells their kittens to pet shops.

Early desexing (from 7 weeks of age) is a topic of great debate between breeders, rescue organisations and vets.  Advocates for early altering believe it contributes to reducing the number of kittens and cats in shelters.  Advocates against it believe that it subjects the kittens to various risks due to their physical immaturity.  It is true that the vast majority of backyard breeders sell their kittens undesexed, many registered breeders do as well.  The difference is that most registered breeders sell with a desexing contract that is signed by both parties when the kitten is sold.

Some registered breeders own pet shops and sell their own kittens in their shops.  Other registered breeders do sell to pet shops.  Not every cat registering body has rules that bar their members from selling their kittens this way.  Registered breeders ARE prevented by the rules of their clubs from selling kittens less than 10 weeks of age.  Backyard breeders will sell kittens to pet shops at eight weeks.  Where someone sells their kittens has little to do with their status as a cat breeder.

Not every non registered breeder can be classed as a backyard breeder.  There is another type of breeder who falls between these two categories.  This is the breeder who once registered with a cat club, but for whatever reason decided not to continue their membership.  They still have registered cats and may breed only one of two litters a year and they have the knowledge gained while a member of a registered club.   They cannot be called a registered breeder, but neither are they backyard breeders churning out kittens for the pet market.

There is also the person who, due to ignorance, lets their female cat have a litter.  This may happen because they do not have her desexed before she comes into heat and she is allowed to roam outside or because they wrongly believe a female cat should have “just one litter” before being desexed.   They are not backyard breeders, just misguided in their knowledge of cats.  Most will have their female desexed after one litter.  If they do not, they can then be classed as backyard breeders.

In conclusion:

  •  Registered breeders improve their breed for the good of the cat.
  • Backyard breeders improve their bank balance at the detriment of the cat.

Article written by Tracy of IceRegal.




The above article is from Australia and was seen on Twitter this morning.

We urge kitten buyers to do their homework thoroughly before purchasing a kitten.

We recommend that when you purchase a pedigreed cat you check that the breeder is registered with either SACC, CFSA or CASA.

It is safer to look for a breeder in paid advertising media: e.g. pet magazines such as Animal Talk, All about Cats, Kittycat, SA Pet Pages, and on paid advertising sites such as Kittycat and also on the websites of the 3 registration bodies.  All reputable breeders would have to be registered with at least one of these bodies.

For more information on Kitten Scams, and getting your new kitten, please read Issue one of Kittycat Magazine.


Crescendo Cattery

| May 7, 2014


Norwegian Forest Cats

Beverly Smullen

Johannesburg,  South Africa

+27 828812729

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