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Tag: preparing for new kittens

Preparing for your new kitten

| February 9, 2014

You have decided on the cat or kitten you want. What do you need to prepare?

How do you ensure you will be a good owner?

The best way to attend to your cat’s well being is to understand the needs of the species and use that knowledge to create a suitable environment. Some of the things that make a difference are very simple, but owners are often unaware of their importance.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse what cats might want with what we want. But a cat is not a person. As you start to think like a cat other things will make more sense and you’ll start to look at your cat and its reactions in a very different way. Understanding its needs will help you to prepare well for your new cat or kitten.

One thing we need to realise as owners is that, to the majority of cats, their environment is much more important to them than the humans that inhabit it!

A good owner needs to understand how a cat’s environment impacts on it and makes it feel secure – this will always improve the cat human relationship.

Read more about preparing for your new kitten in Issue 1 of Kittycat Magazine.
Article courtesy of International Cat Care

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