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Tag: Russian cats

Silversheen Cattery

| March 16, 2015


I am passionate about the Russian Breed and have been breeding since 1994.

The Russian cat is intelligent, loyal and regal. It is known as the ballerina of the cat world as it prances around on tip toes with feet pointed outward when sitting or standing.

The corners of the mouth curve upward and it appears to be smiling at one. They have a double silver short coat which shimmers in the sunlight.

They are suitable for being kept indoors although they enjoy being outdoors for a while, preferably under supervision.

As kittens, they are hyper active adorable little clowns and will keep you enthralled with their antics.

All kittens are registered and come with a pedigree. They are neutered/spayed, micro-chipped and will have had two of a batch of three inoculations. They are ready to leave at thirteen weeks to selected homes.

They come in three colours: Blue, Black and White. All have beautiful temperaments.

If you want a friend for life, a Russian cat will be just that. The only thing better than owning one Russian is having two.

At present, we have only three Russian breeders is South Africa.

You may contact me at:

Phone: 031-9031026

Cell: 072 4433 776

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MISHENKA (3) Mishenka4


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