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The ABCs of Taking Photos of Your Cats

| December 26, 2011
The ABCs of Taking Photos of Your Cats

Many of you have taken pictures of your friends, the landscapes and so on but when it comes to taking the pictures of cats, it is not so easy to capture the actions.

Many of you have taken pictures of your friends, the landscapes and so on but when it comes to taking the pictures of cats, it is not so easy to capture the actions. You may exclaim then what can be done to insure the Pictures of Cats!

When you step out to capture the pictures of cats you may need to follow the key elements below. Yet to achieve wonderful pictures of cats you need to be patient, do proper planning and a perfect support of the background.

Be patient and prepared to take sudden movements!

The first and foremost thing you should remember is that you must be patient enough to the actions of the cats. Decide whether you are going to take a close-up, a full-length, an action pose, or any other body part. If you plan to take action shots you will need a lot of patience at this point. Alas! Cats can move very quickly at the wink of your eyes. There is probably not just one pose you should concentrate but you can make up with several other poses.

Study our cats!

Knowing that nature of your cat will make you easy to capture the photos. Cats look lovely when they are sleeping. So be familiar with the sleeping time of your cats; catching photos while your cat is sleeping is much easier.

Well-made Planning!

As you know cats are erratic, they sometimes appear shy, often unstable but still they are cute pets. Taking pictures of cats can only be easier than you think with a little planning and patience. In fact cats are those feline models in front of the camera. They will appear with natural charm and beauty.

Perfect Support of the Background!

You can take the Pictures of Cats in a wonderful way with the perfect support of simple backgrounds. Some of the marvelous photos will be of imaginable to you, if you work out before bringing your cats to the scene. Even you be able to capture pictures of cats, certain things will not go according to your plan. After all you are working with the independent species on this Planet right!

Let us look at some of the background ideas to get started capturing Pictures of Cats.
Make your cat to couch over a colorful blanket and wait for the apt time to shoot the picture. Once you spot the suitable prop make different trials by placing your cats or just holding it.

Do you like to take funny Pictures of Cats? You just allow the cats to sit inside the baskets or boxes or on some toy trucks; you will be astonished to see those classic pictures of cats. Another idea for you is to place a single rose on the floor, and then lay your cat beside it. Be careful while you shoot, your cat might crush the rose.

Plan the location!

Your cats feel pampered only if the location is good enough. So plan for clean as well as tidy location, in no way the cats should get irritated or become upset. Certainly you need to avoid using backdrops that are similar to the color of the cats.

Lighting Conditions!

You will be more comfortable taking pictures in the natural lighting. Your cats may get frightened sometimes if flash is used.

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