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The American Curl Cat

| February 9, 2011
American Curl Cats

American Curl Cats

Character: The American Curl personality is truly unique. Not overly talkative, the American Curl’s curiosity and intelligence is expressed through little trill-like cooing sounds. American Curls are very people-oriented, faithful, affectionate adjusting remarkably fast to other pets, children, and new situations.

Care: The American Curl does not have a thick undercoat and sheds little. The coat is silky and it does not mat and requires very little grooming.

“What did you do to their ears? Are their ears always like that? Did you use a curling iron?”

Yes, their ears ARE always like that and no, a curling iron was NOT used to achieve those extraordinary ears! The curled ear is a natural genetic mutation and first time admirers are always surprised by the American Curl’s unique ears and impressed by their overall striking beauty. Curls quickly become a favorite with all who come to know them.

The American Curl’s ears, which are firm to the touch and curl back in a graceful arc away from their face toward the center back of their head, are a genetic mutation given to us by none other than Mother Nature. Discovered in California as a stray cat in 1981, the American Curl is now recognized as one of the United States’ native American cat breeds.

The Curl’s temperament is one of curiosity and companionship. Being very people-oriented, they like to assist in all household projects and delight in “bumping heads” with their owners or new human acquaintances. Curls are even tempered and intelligent, yet they retain their kitten-type behavior throughout their adult life. Not overly talkative, the Curls will tell you when they need something or desire attention. American Curls easily adapt to almost any home situation and adjust to other animals remarkably well. Simply stated, they are extremely affectionate and absolutely ear-resistible!

Ratings out of 10

Children -8
Other Pets -8

Grooming -2
Affection -9
Playfulness -8
Attention Need -8
Healthiness -7
Independence -7
Activity Level -8
Vocality -3
Intelligence -7

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Photos copyright & courtesy: Wikimedia Commons | Gatoteria | JoAnn | Nickolas Titkov

Category: Feline Resources

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