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The American Wirehair Cat

| February 8, 2011


American Wirehair Cat

American Wirehair Kittyhawk Felines Cat Show February 20, 2010 Montgomery County Fairgrounds Dayton, Ohio


The first American Wirehair cat breed came from a litter of 6 kittens born in Verona, New York. The kitten had a short, wiry coat and even his whiskers were crimped. The litter’s parents were normal domestic shorthairs.

A local cat breeder by the name of Joan O’Shea who saw the kitten, realized that he was unique and bought him from the farm owner, Nathan Mosher.

American Wirehair cat American Wirehair cat

Joan O’Shea bred this wiry-hair male with a domestic shorthair female and this mating produced kittens with wiry coats. Another breeding to a completely unrelated female also produced wiry-haired kittens and so established it as a dominant gene.

Roy Robinson and A.G. Searle (cat geneticists) analyzed cat hair samples sent to them by Joan O’Shea and replied to her that the coat was unique and not related to the Cornish or Devon Rex cat breeds. The American Shorthair cat breed was used to further develop the American Wirehair cat breed.


The American Wirehair cat breed is a medium sized cat with a muscular and firm body. The head is longer rather than wider and the eyes are a rounded shape. The ears are slightly rounded at the tip. Females of this cat breed are smaller than the males.

American Wirehair cat What makes the American What makes the American Wirehair stand out from its other shorthair counterparts is the wiry coat. The coat comes in all color and patterns, but the wiriness of the hair has several degrees to it. It can range from spiked to curly with individual hairs being hooked, bent or crimped.

The coat should ideally be dense, coarse and crimped over the entire body, the same goes for the whiskers.

This cat breed’s coat is soft to the touch and springs back into place when ruffled.

Some American Wirehair cats are prone to skin allergies and the skin and coat should be kept dry and clean to avoid any problems. Regular bathing is recommended to remove any loose hair that could cause irritation.

Personality & Temperament

The American Wirehair enjoys human company, but is not a demanding cat and remains independent. They are tolerant of children and other pets and are loyal and playful.

Health Issues

Althought the American Wirehair coat is low maintenance, this different cat breed is prone to skin allergies and a heavy build-up of earwax. Regular cleaning and bathing is therefore essential to keep this unusual cat in perfect condition.

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Breed Profile: Christelle Smith  –
Photo copyright & courtesy:  NurseDiesel

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