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The Balinese Cat

| January 6, 2011
The Balinese Cat

The Balinese Cat

Character: Balinese adore their owners and demand attention. They are extremely intelligent, affectionate, playful, active, curious, devoted companions with elegant good looks and like nothing better than a cuddle or a lap to sit on. They are very athletic, enjoy climbing and jumping. Both sexes make good parents and are very playful with offspring. Balinese are most definitely indoor cats, and should not be allowed to wander outside.

Care: Balinese are very easy to care for. Because theirs is a single coat that lies close to the body, all that is needed is an occasional brush or comb and routine nail clipping.
The Balinese was named after the graceful dancers on the island of Bali because of their sleek, elegant beauty and grace. Known most commonly as a Siamese with long hair, the Balinese shares many traits with the Siamese, and yet remains its own distinct breed.

What’s so great about a Balinese cat? Everything! Ask anyone who is owned by one of these fabulous felines what is so special about the breed, and you set off a glowing monologue that ends only when the speaker is exhausted. Under that long, silky ermine coat he wears so proudly, this beautiful cat is all Siamese, and that includes his personality. Despite his regal bearing and aristocratic appearance, he is a clown with a heart as big as a circus tent. To gauge the level of his intelligence, you have only to gaze into those sapphire eyes which sparkle with alertness and healthy curiosity. Although he is every bit as demonstrative and affectionate as the Siamese, he is somewhat less vocal and his voice is softer. Grooming is simple, for the coat does not mat like the double coat of most longhaired breeds.

It is generally accepted that the breed originated as a spontaneous longhaired mutation of the Siamese cat. Apparently, Mother Nature decided that the already glorious Siamese could be made even more glorious by adding the long flowing coat to the svelte body lines of this graceful oriental beauty. The main characteristic of the Balinese is his coat colour, the Balinese is a pointed cat, i.e. the colour is restricted to very few parts of the body. Coat length and a graceful plumed tail are the only differences between the Siamese and the Balinese.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: Children 5
Compatibility: Other Pets 5
Grooming 5
Affection 8
Playfulness 9
Attention Need 10
Healthiness 5
Independence 2
Activity Level 9
Vocality 10
Intelligence 10


Copyright & Credit:
Breed Profile and Photos copyright & courtesy: Jenni Ferreira

Category: Feline Resources

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