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The Birman Cat

| March 10, 2011
The Birman Cat

The Birman Cat

Character: Affectionate, gentle and even-tempered, but less placid than Persians. Suited to indoor life but also enjoys some space outdoors.

Care: Regular brushing and combing will keep the long, silk coat in good condition.

The Birman cat is believed to have originated in Burma, where it was considered sacred, the companion cat of the Kittah priests. There is a legend as to how the Birmans developed the colors they are today: – Originally, the guardians of the Temple of LaoTsun were yellow-eyed white cats with long hair. The golden goddess of the temple, Tsun-Kyan-Kse, had deep blue eyes. The head priest, Mun-Ha, had as his companion a beautiful cat named Sinh.

One day the temple was attacked and Mun-Ha was killed. At the moment of his death, Sinh placed his feet on his master and faced the goddess. The cat’s white fur took on a golden cast, his eyes turned as blue as the eyes of the goddess, and his face, legs and tail became the color of earth. However, his paws, where they touched the priest, remained white as a symbol of purity. All the other temple cats became similarly colored. Seven days later, Sinh died, taking the soul of Mun-Ha to paradise.

The modern history of the Birman is almost as shrouded in mystery as its legendary origin. What is known for certain is that, probably around 1919, a pair of Birman cats were clandestinely shipped from Burma to France. The male cat did not survive the arduous conditions of the long voyage, but the female, Sita, did survive, and happily, was pregnant. From this small foundation the Birman was established in the western world.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: Children9
Compatibility: Other Pets 9
Grooming 8
Affection 9
Playfulness 8
Attention Need 7
Healthiness 7
Independence 3
Activity Level 3
Vocality 3
Intelligence 8

Copyright & Credit:
Photos copyright & courtesy: –Marissen | Woozles | Claudiabirmans

Category: Feline Resources

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