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The Burmese Cat

| February 2, 2011
Burmese Cats

The Burmese Cats

Character: Enjoys human contact, makes an affectionate companion. Adaptable to both indoor and outdoor life, likes plenty of play and exercise. Long life expectancy.

Care: Daily grooming with a gloved hand to maintain glossy coat. Exercise and play are important in daily routine.

Burmese carry surprising weight for their size and have often been described as “bricks wrapped in silk.” Their coats are very short, satin-like in texture, and generally require little grooming other than daily petting. There is a range in Burmese head and body type; the more compact cats with the rounder heads are seen in the show ring. Burmese have large, expressive eyes that are great pools of innocence and seductive appeal, irresistible in effect. These eyes are their most persuasive weapon in an arsenal of endearing traits that mask an awesome power to hypnotize their owners into life-time love affairs through which they effortlessly rule their families.

As kittens, Burmese are quite lively. They often seem clumsy when they attempt feats beyond their capabilities and land on their rears with solid little thumps. They will be playful well into adulthood. As Burmese grow, their high intelligence emerges and their own individual personalities start to unfold. They mature into charming, resolute executives who move in and take over a household, running it efficiently with those big eyes and a velvet paw. If encouraged, many Burmese converse with their humans, using soft, sweet voices (they are neither loud nor raucous). They are good with children, will tolerate the family dog, and if introduced to it at an early age as something pleasant, most will enjoy traveling in a car.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: -Children: 6
Compatibility: -Other Pets: 6
Grooming: 2
Affection: 9
Playfulness: 9
Attention Need: 8
Healthiness: 6
Independence: 3
Activity Level: 9
Vocality: 7
Intelligence: 8

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Breed Profile:
Photos copyright & courtesy:  Ellis Hall

Category: Feline Resources

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