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The Cat Federation of Southern Africa (CFSA)

| January 11, 2010

The Cat Federation of Southern Africa is a voluntary federation in existence for the purpose of co-ordinating all aspects relating to the Cat Fancy in Southern Africa. It has been formed on the basis of the highest moral and ethical principles as a service to answer the needs of Southern African cat breeders and fanciers.

The principle of the Federation is to work within the objectives of the Cat Fancy and not to upset the rights of others to achieve their objectives.

Tel : 016   987   1170
Fax : 086   549   2901
Cell : 082   840   5578
Office Hours:  Monday – Thursday:     09h00 – 16h00

e-mail: (for registrations of cats/breeders/etc) (for general information)



Category: Feline Resources

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