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The Devon Rex Cat

| January 30, 2011
Devon Rex Cat Ami

The Devon Rex Cat

Character: Intelligent, inquisitive and extrovert, shows great resourcefulness in getting what it wants. Playful and affectionate, enjoys indoor life.

Care: The fine coat does not provide much insulation, so protection is needed in cold weather. The large, open ears should be checked and cleaned regularly. Groom by stroking with a gloved hand.

The Devon Rex cat gets his name from the Rexrabbit The similarities come from the unusual wavy coat. The CornishRex came about in Cornwall, England in 1950 and it seems occurred froma mutated gene. In the United States the Devon Rex was recognized for championship in 1979 as is presently involved in competition all over the world.

This cat is very lean and resembles a Whippet dog with itsarched back and pulled up stomach. Long, thin legs and the way it poses on its feet make thecat look as ifit’s standing on tiptoe.

The coat on the Devon Rex is its most unusual feature. Short and very soft it lies quite close to the body andappears as waves of curls all over the cat including it’s stomach. Daily hand grooming is what this cat requires. He does need a warm climate.

The coloring of the Devon Rex may be of any variety including colorpointed. The major factor is the coat. Itis so important in showing the cat that usually at least 50 points will be put towards the coat.

This is a most affectionate cat who is active and playful. He will fetch and catch and will be like a kitten far into his maturity.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: -Children: 6
Compatibility: -Other Pets: 6
Grooming: 2
Affection: 10
Playfulness: 10
Attention Need: 8
Healthiness: 5
Independence: 3
Activity Level: 10
Vocality: 3
Intelligence: 8

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Photos copyright & courtesy: Taldi Siamese, Devon Rex and Sphynx – 

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