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The Scottish Fold Cat

| January 15, 2011
Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat

Character: Very affectionate end tolerant of other pets in the household. Enjoys the home comforts, but is also hardy and an able mouser.

Care: Easy to feed and care for. Brush regularly to maintain the coat. Check and clean the ears regularly.

The Scottish Fold is considered one of the ten most popular cats in the United States. The Scottish Fold was not brought about by deliberate crossing. The first cat of the type appeared in a litter in Scotland in 1961. Her name was Susie and each of today’s Scottish Folds are a descendant of hers. There is a definite danger of breeding two Scottish Folds together. It can create stiffness of the hind legs and lack of flexibility in the tail.

The gene for the folded ears is dominant so not all the kittens in a litter will have them. In Britain the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Britain has not accepted the Scottish Fold into championship standing. But, it is recognized by the Cat Association of Britain and in the United States it received it’s championship standing in 1978.

The Scottish Fold is of medium size, stocky and rounded. Though the coat comes in longhair and shorthair the cross with the British Shorthair seems to be the most popular. The legs of this cross must not appear thick or exhibit alack of mobility because of shortness. Of course the ears are the most distinct feature of the Scottish Fold and these should be folded downward on its rounded head. It should be small and tight and the tips of the ears should be rounded. The coat whether long or short should be thick and spring back. This cat does require daily grooming to keep the coat in excellent condition and to remove dead hair.

The Scottish Fold is seen in all colors except solid lilac, chocolate and colorpointed.

The mixture of British and American Shorthairs makes this cat very affectionate, loving of human companions and he gets along well with other pets. Although not very vocal he is hardy with a great personality.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: -Children: 6
Compatibility: -Other Pets: 6
Grooming :2
Affection :7
Playfulness :6
Attention Need :6
Healthiness :4
Independence :8
Activity Level :6
Vocality :4
Intelligence :8

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Photos copyright & courtesy:   Bruce Tsao

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