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The Singapura Cat

| January 13, 2011
The Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat

Character: Placid, undemanding and good-natured. Reserved temperament can be overcome with patience and gentle handling. Adaptable, enjoys indoor life.

Care: Groom by stroking with a gloved hand. No special dietary requirements.

The Singapura is a small cat and a newer addition to the United States show ring. There is much confusion as to its origin. The base stock of all the Singapura cats in the United States is just four cats. They all belong to one American breeder. The future of these cats is in question because the gene pool is small. The breed is still being developed in the U.S. The Singapura was recognized in championship standing in 1988. In its second season of show it realized an amazing triumph. It won 22 grand championship titles.

This cat has coloring unlike any other breed. Although small, he has a somewhat stocky body that is is muscular. When he stands, his body, legs and the floor form a square. The only acceptable eye colors are hazel, yellow or green. The eyes and ears must be large. The legs of this cat are thick and muscular. His coat is silky, fine and short. The only grooming required is a combing occasionally.

The only color variety is sepia with ticked fur and you will only see the Singapura as a shorthair.

This is an active cat who loves to be with his humans. He gets along great with other animals and the female is very loving and maternal with her litters.

Ratings out of 10

Compatibility: -Children: 5
Compatibility: -Other Pets: 5
Grooming: 2
Affection: 8
Playfulness: 9
Attention Need: 9
Healthiness: 5
Independence: 7
Activity Level: 9
Vocality: 3
Intelligence: 8

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Breed Profile:
Photos copyright & courtesy:  Lil Shepherd and  John Black

Category: Feline Resources

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