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The Street Catz Project

| June 12, 2012

Street Catz Project is appealing to you to help raise funds to help pay for an operation that was performed on this beautiful little ginger boy who Melanie chose to name “Braveheart”.

The Feral Foundation was alerted and went out to trap him. We are not certain how his injury came about, he was dragging himself around the compound of a riding stable.
He was brought immediately to Blue Bush Animal Clinic whe he was X-rayed straight away.

What we saw brought tears to our eyes…..

His vertebrae had been displaced and fractured along with three ribs.
Dr Shelagh Hahn decided that he deserved to be given a chance, so along with the help of her staff they set out to help “Braveheart”.

Dr Hahn performed a spinal operation – she removed the pressure off the spinal cord which was miraculously still intact.
She then wired the two discs together.

After the spinal operation he was also neutered, during this procedure he kicked her with his back feet for the first time, a truly wonderful sign.
In the morning Melanie went to check up on him – he was purring and kneading the blankets, she pinched his toes and HE MOVED HIS LEGS!!!

Braveheart has a long road ahead of him, but with the love and nursing he is being given and his amazing zest for life; we really hope that he will regain the use of his back legs.

We desperately need any donations to help pay for the cost of his operations and any further care he might need going forward.

Bank Details:

Feral Foundation
Reference: Braveheart
FNB Bryanston
Branch Code: 250017
Account Number: 62126775917

Category: Rescue & Shelter Directory

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