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The Tonkinese Cat

| January 1, 2011
The Tonkinese Cat

The Tonkinese Cat

Character: Outgoing and very affectionate, enjoys exercise and play. Adaptable to life indoors and outdoors. Travels well and has a long life expectancy.

Care: Rubbing with a gloved hand keeps the coat shiny. No special dietary requirements.

The Tonkinese originated in Canada, the only cat breed to do so. It came about in the early 1960’s, the result of a seal point Siamese and a sable Burmese cross breeding. It has many of the best qualities of both. The breeder of the Tonkinese thought the show Siamese were becoming too extreme. She tried to create a cat with qualities she liked best in both the Siamese and Burmese breeds. A pet shop owner in the U.S. has the same goal and called his cats Golden Siamese. The Canadian cat took this name but then changed it to Tonkinese. In the mid 1960’s the Canadian Cat Association recognized this cat as a championship competitor. The United States granted recognition in 1972. In Britain the Tonkinese is only recognized by one cat association.

This is a medium sized cat shaped between the Burmese and the Siamese. He is muscular and firm. The legs are slender and in proportion to its body. The Tonkinese eyes are aquamarine to turquoise in color, a distinct feature of this cat. They came about due to the crossing of the Blue eyed Siamese and the golden eyed Burmese. The Tonkinese has a luxurious coat which in medium short. It is fine and like silk. Grooming entails a combing on occasion to remove dead hair. This breed should also live in a warm climate

For championship show only five colors are allowed. They are blue mink, champagne mink, honey mink, natural mink, and platinum mink. There are some groups that will allow colors like the pointed Siamese or Burmese.

The Tonkinese exhibits lively behavior and is very lovable. His strong personality has the Siamese curiosity. Consider having two cats if you are often gone as this breed does not like to be alone and can get into trouble if lonely. The Tonkinese is also an escape artist and will find ways to get out of the house. This breed is healthy and lives a long life

Compatibility: (Ratings out of 10)

Children 8
Other Pets 8
Grooming 2
Affection: 9
Playfulness :10
Attention Need: 9
Healthiness: 6
Independence: 7
Activity Level: 10
Vocality: 8
Intelligence: 8

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Photos copyright & courtesy: – Watterspa

Category: Feline Resources

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