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Water Toilet

| December 28, 2011

It started out when I discovered that my Oriental (Baghera) had taught himself to use the toilet. I wanted to teach the other cats to follow his example and decided to take a bowl (that would fit in the toilet), drill holes in the bottom, place it in a “tray” with a little water in it (easier to flush away) and if they used it to move it higher until it got to toilet height then to place it inside the toilet.

Trouble was they loved to use it while it was on the floor but won’t use it on the toilet. So I left it on the floor for them but it was so small! Then I decided to make a bigger one by using two litter trays inside one another – there is a gap between the two then in which I put a little water. The top tray I drilled full of holes (looks like a flat colander) The water in the bottom tray is really just for easier flushing and it also dilutes any smell much like our own toilets. They use the water toilet for peeing but prefer to use the usual sawdust/litter trays for pooping.

What do you need to make your water litter tray

* 2 Litter Trays
* Drill
* 1cm Drill bit

Drill holes approximately 3 cm apart in one of the Litter Trays. Put the Litter Tray with holes inside the other Litter Tray. Put in a little bit of Water in the bottom tray. Use a little sterilising liquid in the water for freshness.

Sent in by Carol Kotze


Category: Feline Resources

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