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Winning your new owners over

| December 28, 2011

You little kittens must be just about ready to head off to your new homes. Here are a few tips: –

1. Pretend you are scared
When you first arrive at your new home, pretend you are really afraid. Your humans will spend a lot of time trying to reassure you that you are safe. They will probably try really hard to have all your favourite foods on hand. Now don’t guts them, sniff them sample them, leave them. This will make your humans try even harder – good! That is the frame of mind you want them to have. Remember that YOU are responsible for training your human.

2. The bed
This follows on from #1. If you cry and act as if you are scared of the dark your humans will probably say “They are missing their Mother and the other kittens”. At this point they will probably pick you up and put you on the bed. Now you have to be very clever, DO NOT jump around, claw your humans or play racing cars over the bed. Humans do not tend to like that and after a night or so of such treatment will probably put you in your own room to sleep. So, curl up in the small of their backs, or where you wont disturb them, purr softly and be a good “little” kitten. By the time your owners have realised that you are growing and are now taking over half the bed they will be so accustomed to having you sleep with them they won’t mind and in fact will miss you if you are not there.

3. Human Communication
You will find that your humans can at times be very slow to understand a cat’s needs. Good training of your human can never start too early. If your human has something you like, meow softly and look appealing – that should ensure that some of that stuff lands up in your bowl and of course in your tummy. Sometimes they just don’t get it and of course then you have to be a bit pushier. If it is kibble you want, scratching at the packet may be the only way to let them understand your needs. Remember, always thank your humans with a purr and an appreciative look after they do something nice for you – this makes them feel good and they want to do more nice things for you.
When you have made a mess in your box, get your humans to clean it quickly. You don’t want a stinky box sitting around – you might need to go again quickly and you don’t want to use a smelly toilet. Go and call them if necessary, we have found that if we scratch the litter, scratch the wall, scratch the floor, scratch the cupboard and go and call them we eventually get them to understand that we need our box freshened.

4. The furniture
Of course you want to ensure that you get to sit on the furniture with your humans. Having picked wonderful humans they should allow you on the furniture as a matter of course, but if they don’t here is a way to persuade them. First rub against their legs, purr and be very affectionate. They should lean down and pat you. Then stretch up and ask to be loved, without thinking they should pick you up (after all you are sooo little and couldn’t possibly jump up all that way now could you). Settle yourself in their laps and look adoringly in their faces, purring all the time. Of course at some point your human will want to get up, so slide off their lap next to them. Now is the crucial time, they may lift you down and tell you “You know you are not allowed on the furniture”, don’t give up. Continue with the above process. Of course like most families they will have forgotten that you are not supposed to be on the furniture and will just leave you lying there. Assume your most appealing position and go fast asleep. When your human returns they will call everyone to see how cute you look (do not, at this point open your eyes), then they will find themselves somewhere else to sit (can’t disturb the cat) and soon your humans will understand that when you have taken possession of a chair that is your chair and you mustn’t be disturbed.

5. The table
We are still working on this area, being allowed onto the table. So far our humans are being a bit slow and lift us down if we jump up, but maybe you will have better luck. We think we have figured out a way – but this may only work if you share the home with dogs. Invite the dogs to eat your kibble – then cry so that your humans know the dog is eating your kibble. They will probably chase the dog away so you can eat in peace. You need to repeat this a few times, of course your humans will get mad with the dog, and put your food out of reach of the dog (on the table). Once you are allowed on the table once it is a small step to be allowed there during mealtimes and then you have your pick of the choicest food. Our humans cheated and put us in our room while they eat in peace, which really defeated the object – but if any of you kittens figure out what we should be doing to get this part right do let us know.

6. The door outside
Once you have explored your new home, you will see that there are doors (and windows) in the house that lead outside. It all looks so exciting and you feel you want to go and explore. Well resist it – you are safe inside – many a kitten / cat has thought he/she would just pop out for 5 minutes to check out what that bird is doing. The next thing was, the door was closed their humans had to go out and then a dog came or a car frightened them and they ran and couldn’t find their way home again. So only go outside if your human takes you in a secure box, you have a lead and a harness on (nope it is not just for those cats with an identity crisis, who think they are dogs) or if your humans have a secure area for you to play. Otherwise, you will have to watch birds from the safety of the windowsill.

7. Love your Humans
This is our most important rule. Your families have chosen a wonderful kitten for themselves and they will always think you are the greatest. You in turn must love your humans unconditionally. You must understand when they have had a hard day at work and need a bit of comforting, understand when they need to be diverted and then act like a real kitten to amuse them. If they forget to feed you on time, forgive them – they are imperfect humans, not perfect like us cats.
Most of all remember it is your job to ensure that your human stays healthy and gets enough exercise. This you can do by asking to go through a door and then when you are through and they have closed the door and sat down, deciding you want to come back in; climbing up somewhere high and then they need to fetch a ladder to get you down (do not do this if you have an owner afraid of heights); racing at top speed towards an open door with your owner in hot pursuit, only to stop just before you reach it to have a wash. All these techniques are guaranteed to give your human lots of exercise and keep them with you for a long time.
Now be good siblings and remember to wash faces and paws before your families take you home – you don’t want to arrive with even so much as a whisker out of place.

Love from the two Mousketeers
Pie & Skye
Ruth Hine, South Africa
© 2001

Sent in by Raglin Ragdolls

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