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World Focus 1611 – Western Cape

| October 1, 2010

Contact Person: Victor Norman

Address/ Area:

P.O Box 367
Cape Gate

Tel: 021 982 8631
Fax: 0866 930 662
073 149 1791

World Focus 1611 was established in 2007. There are only 3 people and our team existing out of an inspector and the Feral Cat trapper that used to work for an animal welfare organisation.

We started doing it part time for companies who wanted to get rid of feral cats on their properties. But in August 2008 we decided to do it full time. More companies started to come to us with Feral cats damaging their products.

Our Services:
We start off with a 1-2 week feeding program. After the feeding program we start laying traps which could be a manual wooden trap or an Automatic Mild steel trap depending on if it is a business or residential premises. The wooden trap is used when it’s a very difficult site and the trapper stays on site until the Cat in caught. The Automatic is left for a few minutes where the trapper will return and empty the trap if any cat is caught and the cats will be taken to the nearest vet or welfare origination for the necessary.

Our prices are as follow.
R350.00 – Service charge to and from the premises for a 5 day period to do a the feeding program
(rate is only explicable to companies in the Northern and Southern Surrounding areas)
R135.00 – (Residential)
R200.00 – per trap per day
R90.00 – per cat trapped and removed from premises
R145.00 – extra for Sterilization and return to property

Kittens will be put up for adoption:
All kittens will be domesticated and given up for adoption. We are currently looking for a small holding to start a kitten adoption centre. In our type off business you cant’ start feeling sorry for the kittens and the problem started when we end up keeping the kittens and that is why we are urgently looking for a small holding.
I phoned around and hardly any Adoption Welfare origination in the Western Cape is able to take in kittens or adult cat anymore.

Category: Feline Resources, Rescue & Shelter Directory

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