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You know you are  a Crazy Cat Person if

| December 29, 2011


  • Your cat owns more grooming supplies than you!
  • Grooming routines are considered as secret as nuclear detonation codes!
  • You plan your wedding date around your Region’s show schedule!
  • You need a calculator to reconcile your checkbook! – BUT….you can instantly figure Grand Points to ten decimal places in your head!
  • You can remember show dates for the next six months! – BUT….you can’t remember your own personal schedule for the next day!
  • The fanciest drapes in the entire house are for your cat’s show cage!
  • Your cat has two special blow dryers that cost a fortune, but your’s is broken!
  • Your cat has accumulated frequent flyer miles!
  • You always describe distances from city to city in terms of hours!
  • The speed dial numbers on your telephone are all show entry clerks!
  • Your show attire consists of T-Shirts and Jeans, but your cat has velvet cage curtains!
  • You’re insulted if someone gives you a Poinsettia for Christmas!
  • You can’t help going into a fit of giggles when you see a “stud finder” at the hardware store!
  • You see the Veterinarian more than all your own doctors combined!
  • When your own hair mats, your first thought is to shave it off!
  • You remember people from their cattery names instead of their own names!
  • When you hear “Queen”, you don’t think of Elizabeth!
  • When you have a doctor’s appointment, you say you are going to the Vet!
  • IF you even bother with a Christmas tree, it’s 3 feet off the floor!
  • Buying a cat means…spending 5 minutes studying the cat and 5 days studying the pedigree!
  • Your baby pictures don’t look like other people’s baby pictures!
  • You ask people where the litter box is, when nature calls!
  • You can name all your cats by name, but don’t think it’s strange when you don’t know the exact count!
  • You express annoyance by hissing!
  • When someone ticks you off, you say……”He gives me a hairball!”

Category: Feline Resources

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